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I have just finished printing my new collection of t-shirts and it’s made me think about what makes a good design and what my favourite t-shirts have been throughout my life.

I am a big fan of t-shirts - they are a staple part of my wardrobe and always have been. Growing up in South East London allowed easy access to see bands and buying a gig t-shirt was a great part of the experience.

There was nothing quite like having a great time jumping around to your favourite band and then looking at the merchandise which was always original and often screen printed.


One of may favourites was a Silverfish t-shirt with the words ‘Hips Tits Lips Power’ on the front and ‘Fat as Fuck’ (the name of the album) on the back. I always felt a bit anarchic and empowered wearing this.

Another favourite was a t-shirt I found in a record store in Soho which was a heavyweight black cotton with a glow in the dark alien schwa print. I wore it until it  was misshapen and the print cracked, but that was after many clubs, gigs and general days out.

I love how such a simple item can have an element of soul to it. It’s an item that artists like myself can customise with relative ease and sell at a price that most people can afford. I like to buy t-shirts when I go abroad - especially when they have been hand printed as every time I wear it reminds me of the place.

This is the first time that I have created a collection. Normally I would just create a new screen and drip feed the new design into my Etsy shop - but having a Shopify site means that I can do things a little differently. 

I wanted to create designs that showed my love of nature with a slightly mystical/magical feel to them. They are all printed on organic, climate neutral cotton in small batches in order to minimise waste and look after the planet.

My new collection will be going live on Sunday 4th July at 7.00pm. I have only printed one of each size so far - it’s just me doing everything you see! If you miss out then please get in touch as I am keen to keep printing and try out some other colours….

 T-shirt facts:

  • Although no one knows who invented the t-shirt they were first marketed in 1904 as undershirts for men. The Cooper underwear company advertised them as ‘bachelor undershirts’ for men who didn’t know how to iron or sew. 

  • Marlon Brando popularised t-shirts by wearing one in Streetcar Named Desire and caused a spike in sales.
  • The record for most t-shirts worn at one time is 247!

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  • These are some beautiful designs.


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