My name is Jacqueline Wild and I am the person behind Glitter and Earth!

I live in Cornwall on the wild north coast where I dream of myths and the magic of nature and it is this sense of wonder that I want to share with you through my art.

Sustainability is a really important aspect of my business and I use biodegradable and recyclable packaging where possible. 

Each and every order is important to me and will arrive looking thoughtfully wrapped in Kraft paper, hand stamped and tied with string.

Glitter and Earth is my passion and I hope you love it too.

Fun facts:

* I love following the phases of the moon and often plan my work around the moon’s waxing and waning.

* I like to go wild swimming and taking photographs of underwater worlds.

* I have a dog called Luna who is a bit crazy.

* I grew up in South East London which I loved because if its connection to the music scene.

* Moved to Cornwall over 20 years ago and live in a 100 year old miners cottage.

* Was an extra on Poldark (blink and you will miss me!)