February photos and art

We are nearly at the end of the month which also means that spring is around the corner! I love this time of year as the hardship of winter is almost done and we can look forward to flowers dancing on the cliff tops and in the hedgerows.

It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment again for us all - as lockdown eases and restrictions give way to freedoms I wonder how things will be. I don’t think that things will be quite the same again.


I for one will be taking things slowly. I do feel the desire to travel and experience new places, but I am also content to dip my toes into the ocean in the early morning to avoid crowds and bluster. 

Living in Cornwall does make me feel blessed and nourished in many ways. The landscape is so rich and the land has tales to tell of piskies and magic and enchantments. I lose myself in this quite often!


Tregeseal stones and an owl

It was said that these stones at Tregeseal were full of fairies having a feast when a miner stumbled across them. They tied him up and made him stay the evening. While Carn Kenidjack (the outcrop of stones in the background) have been said to have had sightings of the devil himself.

I love these stories! It fascinates and amazes me so much. I wonder what was the initial spark that led these stories to be told? I do think a bit of drunkenness probably played a fair part - blaming the fairies for your experience might have been a way to get out of trouble when you spent the night out! 


I’ve also been enjoying incorporating textured paper into my work and developing my range. I will be adding prints to my store soon, but I have been busy making sure that I have got the basics in place before adding more.

Anyway, thanks so much for joining me on my new site - I’m really excited about it and so happy for you to join me.

Have a magical day.



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