Spring equinox


Things to do to celebrate and connect with the energy of spring


I have been looking forward to spring for sometime now. January and February seemed to drag along in sleepy greyness, but now the flowers are beginning to blossom and leaves are unfurling.


The equinox is a time of balance as the days and nights are equal. It’s therefore a good time to find some balance within ourselves and get prepared for the lengthening of the days and the increased energy required.


It is a time of hope and growth which you can see literally in the natural world by planting seeds and more metaphorically by starting action in other areas of your life. Think about what you want to grow and how it will make you feel.


You can make your dreams feel a bit more real by cultivating the energy around them - just like a gardener would prepare the soil before planting. 


Everyone works differently and so think about how you prefer to do this. Maybe you like to journal and write down your thoughts. Perhaps you prefer to create a vision board by cutting out images from magazines or by creating a new Pinterest board.


You may prefer a more ritualistic approach - a bit of spell casting, incense burning and candle lighting. Perhaps a good bath with some music playing is what you need to release the past season and refocus on the new one.


I think I will be sowing some seeds as I have some waiting and ready to get in the ground. I want to grow some chamomile so that I can make my own tea and also some gypsophila which just enchants me! I love using it in my product photography and I simply can’t get enough of it - it feels very fairy to me.



Decorating eggs and egg hunts are popular activities for this time of year. Eggs are important and associated with Ostara/Easter because of the connection with fertility. If you don’t fancy doing that then perhaps you could celebrate by making a cake or a frittata.

Personally I like to get outside and take photos of all the little changes that I see. I find that that really helps me to pay attention to nature and also to connect with it. I really delight in seeing new growth and little bugs!


Slow worm


This year is going to be different from previous years due to everything we have been through with regards to the virus and the changing rules.


While some people will be running full pelt ahead to gatherings and excited about things being more normal again I have no doubt that this change will also bring up anxiety for others. Try to be gentle with yourself during this time of transition and infuse your thoughts with the gentle feeling of hope that is strong with the equinox. 

Skeleton leaf


I keep thinking of something that Seane Corne said in one of her yoga teachings (I can’t quite remember where or the exact words) but the essence was about how you transition out of a pose that you have been holding for a while. She advised that you should be really mindful not to explode out of a pose but to be really conscious of moving gently so as not to cause injury.

It seems pertinent at this time of transition to move gently and at our own level without judgement. 

There needs to be a lot of healing done, so let’s weave some magic this spring and dream a more positive future into existence. 

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